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Ups forza 750va nt-751

ups forza 750va nt-751 0798302107663. Interactive UPS 750VA/375W, 6 slds, RJ11, tower comp-120V Consumption MPN: NT-751 Capacity: 750VA/375W, Topology: Interactive, Waveform: Simulated sine wave, Voltage: 120V
Input Type: NEMA 5-15P, Output Type: 6 x NEMA 5-15R, Visual Indicator: LED Status Light

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Elevate the Protection of your Devices with the Forza 750VA NT 751 UPS: Your Shield Against Unexpected Outages.

The Forza 750VA NT 751 UPS is a high quality power protection system that is designed to provide protection against power outages, surges and other power problems for your personal computer and peripherals. With its compact size and elegant design, the NT 751 is ideal for use in the home or office.

The Ups 750va is a compact unit that offers total protection for your personal computer and peripherals. This series guarantees maximum protection against the constant threat of AC mains interruptions. Downtime is virtually eliminated while increasing the availability of critical equipment by maintaining a clean and stable power supply to all connected loads.


The Forza NT series has been redesigned with six receptacles to provide total protection for your personal computer and peripherals. Compact in size, the unit is ideal for small workspaces in the office and at home. Optimized for residential and commercial applications, the NT series features six fully protected outlets in a compact, space-saving design.

Reliability and Performance Details: Introducing the ultimate solution to keep your equipment safe from blackouts and surges. This Forza 750VA NT 751 UPS battery is designed to give you peace of mind in the event of a power outage, keeping your devices safe and running.

Outstanding Features:

  • Powerful 750VA Capacity: Enjoy reliable power backup for your essential 750VA/375W devices with 120V voltage. The UPS provides enough time to save your work and shut down your equipment properly during power outages.
  • Versatile Protection: Not only protects your devices from power outages, but also prevents damage caused by voltage spikes and fluctuations in the power grid.
  • Compact Design: With its compact size, this UPS fits easily into any space, making it an ideal solution for offices, homes and small businesses.
  • LED indicators: Intuitive LED indicators keep you informed about the status of the UPS and its load, allowing you to make informed decisions in real time.
  • Line-interactive topology: The Forza 750VA NT 751 UPS uses a line-interactive topology that provides superior protection against power outages, surges and other power problems.
  • Pure sine wave wave waveform: The NT 751 provides a pure sine wave waveform, which means that your electronic devices receive the same power quality as when connected directly to the mains.
  • Data line protection: The NT 751 also provides surge protection for your telephone and data lines, which helps protect your communication equipment from damage.
  • Cold start function: The 750VA UPS has a cold start function that allows you to turn on your computer and other electronic devices even when there is no mains power.

Outstanding Benefits:

  • Uninterrupted Continuity: Keep your devices up and running even during power outages, ensuring you don’t lose data or valuable time.
  • Equipment Protection: Avoid costly damage to your devices caused by sudden electrical fluctuations. The UPS acts as a protective shield.
  • Total Convenience: The Forza 750VA NT 751 UPS is easy to install and use. Its compact design fits into any space, making it a seamless addition to your environment.
  • Peace of mind guaranteed: Forget about worrying about sudden power outages. This UPS gives you the confidence that your devices are protected at all times.

The Forza 750VA NT 751 UPS is more than a power backup device; it’s your safeguard. From its powerful capacity to its versatile protection, this UPS gives you peace of mind knowing your devices are safe. Don’t let power outages affect your productivity and safety. Get yours now and ensure the continuity of your work and entertainment!

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